Project Reference

Project TitleLocationDurationContract Value
82Proposed New Erection Of A 2-Storey
Envelope Control Detached
Dwelling House With A Basement,
An Attic And A Swimming Pool
On Lot 07296x Mk04 At
16A East Sussex Lane (Bukit
Timah Planning Area)
16A East Sussex LaneMar 2019 - Aug 2021$6.28Million
81Proposed Erection of 2-Storey Detached
Dwelling House at 71 Goodman Road
71 Goodman RoadFeb 2018 - Jun 2019$2.50 Million
80Proposed Additions and
Alterations to
Existing 3-Storey Semi-Detached Dwelling
House With Basement on Lot 05192L
MK 27 At 63 Sennett Lane
63 Sennett LaneOct 2018 - May 2019$1.00Million
79Addition & Alteration Works At
Kampong Ubi Industrial Estate Blocks 3016,
3017 & 3019 Ubi Road 1
Blocks 3016,3017 & 3019 Ubi Road 1Oct 2018 - Feb 2019$0.25Million
78Nipah Road Repair and improvement
works to NEA Buildings
NEA BuildingNov 2018 - Apr 2019$0.20Million
77Reconstruction of 8 & 10Intac Property Development (S) Pte LtdJuly 2017 - July 2018$2.71 Million
76Oasis Terraces Shopping Mall #01-15
(Lauwang Clay pot)
Venture MC Pte LtdMay 2018 - Jun 2018$0.15 Million
75Improvement works to
Shopping Complexes
(Contract 2)_Toilet improvement. -
Greenridge & Vista Point Shopping Complex
Greenridge & Vista Point Shopping ComplexJun 2017 - Feb 2018$0.30 Million
74A&A To Ngee Ann Polytechnic –
Student Plaza
Ngee Ann PolytechnicMay 2017 - Dec 2017$1.70 Million
73Addition & Alteration Works To An
Existing Unit in Cleantech Two at
Cleantech View/Cleantech Loop
Cleantech LoopMar 2017 - Jul 2017$0.60 Million
72Interior Fit-Out Works To An Existing
Factory Unit At JTC Medtech Hub
JTC Medtech HubOct 2016 - Jan 2017$0.70 Million
71Reconstruction of 46 Seletar Hills DriveSeletarAug 2015 – Jan 2017$2.50Million
70Development Of Facilities And
Infrastructure At Seletar
SeletarSep 2015 – Nov 2016$6.85 Million
69Jurong Port – CTO & GCO Upgrading37 Jurong Port RoadDec 2015 – Apr 2016$0.8 Million
68Repair and Redecoration
Works At YS-ONE
and Construction of Covered Linkway
YishunJul 2015 – Apr 2016$1.85Million
67Design, Fabricate, Supply and
Installation of Carpark Shelters And
Extension of Car Porch at Jurong Port
Administration Building
37 Jurong Port RoadJul 2015 - Nov 2015$0.26Million
66HDB Lift Upgrading G14B
(Architecture Work)
HougangDec 2013 – Dec 2015$1.05million
65Proposed Construction Of Southern
Covered Linkway, Re-Construction Of
Existing Reinforced Concrete Drain
And Associated Works Connecting
Malan Road To Alexandra Road At
Gilman Barracks (Variation Order)
Malan RoadJan 2014 – Sep 2014 (Extended due to EOT +VO)$5.3million
64Jurong Port - Fencing37 Jurong Port RoadJul 2015 – Aug 2015$0.10 Million
63Jurong Port – Security Blast Wall37 Jurong Port RoadMar 2015 – May 2015$0.10Million
62Project: Proposed Addition &
Alteration To Existing 2-Storey Conserved
Shophouse With New Roof Mezzanine
(1st Storey-Restaurant Use, 2nd
Storey & Roof Mezzanine-Hotel
Lounge Use) At 87 Syed Alwi Openings At
1st & 2nd Storey To Existing 4th
Storey Conserved Building For
Hotel Use (44 HOTEL ROOMS) At
88 Syed Alwi Road On Lot 00482A
87 Syed AlwiJuly 2014 – Jan 2015
(EOT + VO) New Completion Date: 31st Mar 2015
$1.1 Million
61A&A Works for 39 Kian Teck Drive39 Kian Teck DriveJan 2015 – Feb 2015$0.20million
60Jurong Port Upgrading – GCO Restroom
& CTO Rest Area
37 Jurong Port RoadJan 2015 – Mar 2015$0.10million
59Refurbishment of Jurong Port –Bus Stop
& Signage
Harbour View Tower, Teluk BlangahDec 2012 – Jan 2013$0.02million
58Proposed A&A at 2 Saraca Road2 Saraca RoadSep 2014 – Jan 2015$0.60million
57Refurbishment Moon Hotel23 Dickson RoadJun 2014 – Jul 2014$0.05million
56HDB Lift Upgrading G13G
(Architecture Work)
Aljunied Cresent, Balam Road and Circuit RoadDec 2012 – Dec 2013$0.15million
55HDB Lift Upgrading G10A
(Architecture Work)
Bedok NorthDec 2012 - 2014$0.74million
54HDB Lift Upgrading G9C (Architecture Work)Woodland, Marselling and Serangoon NorthAug 2012 - 2014$0.64million
53Proposed Additions And
Alterations To
Existing Bus Terminal (Involving New
Erection Of Bus Terminal And Covered
Link Way) At Price George’s Park
Within National University Of
Singapore On Lots 03894K, 04340K,
04340V, 04342T, 04343A, 03546T-PT &
02888A MK 3 AT 10 Kent Ridge Cresent - NUSDEP/OED/CD/502/2013
NUSMay 2014 – Sep 2014$1 million
52Disconnect Existing Water Tank and
Proposed New Water Tank Replacement
at Near to
Warehouse J12A
37 Jurong Port RoadDec 2013 – Feb 2014$0.2million
51Unit Renovation (Architecture Work)10 Angklong Lane #01-03 Faber GardensAug 2013 – Oct 2013$0.11million
50Proposed Additions &
Alteration Works
To Existing Single –User JTC (Type C8)
Factory On Lot 02604C Mukim 7 At
No. 12 Tuas Link 1
No.12 Tuas Link 1Nov 2012 – May 2013$2.00million
49Jurong Port – Minor Work at
Level 2 Meeting Room
No.37 Jurong PortAug 2013 – Aug 2013$0.01million
48Jurong Port – Additional Store RoomCentral MallJun 2009 - Jul 2009$0.16million
47Jurong Port Private Dining & New
Recreation Work
No.37 Jurong PortMay 2013 – July 2013$0.08million
46Extension Work for 110A
Lentor Green
110A Lentor GreenJun 2013 – Aug 2013$0.08million
45Unit Renovation#05-07 Pasir RisJun 2013 – Jul 2013$0.02million
44Proposed Additions &
Works To Factory on
No.24 Tuas Ave 12
Holland ParkDec 2012 – Jun 2013$1.36million
43Renovation Works To Existing
Drains And Building Of New Drain
At Penjuru Terminal
Penjuru TerminalMar 2013 – May 2013$0.05million
42Proposed reconstruction of
existing 2-storey intermediate
terrace Dwelling house to 3-storey with an attic at
358 Siglap Road
358 SiglapMay2012 – Feb2013
(10 month)
41Proposed erection of two
units of
detached dwelling houses
(One unit single storey and one
unit double storey) on lot MK02-01703P
at 5B Tanglin Hill (Demolition
5B Tanglin HillFeb 2013 – March 2013$0.17million
40Unit RenovationIon OrchardFeb 2013 - March 2013$0.05million
39Unit RenovationBlk 89 Teluk Kurau Lorong LJan 2013 – March 2013$0.08million
38Unit RenovationHarbour View Tower,
Teluk Blangah
Dec 2012 – Jan 2013$0.02million
37Renovation to 9 Tagore Lane,
15 & 15A Dyson RoadMar 2008-Mar 2009$1.6million
36HYS FactorySungei KadutSep 2012 – Nov 2012$1.28million
35Proposed reconstruction of existing
2-storey intermediate terrace
Dwelling house to 2-storey with
an attic at 68 Kew Height
68 Kew HeightAug 2012 – Dec 2012$0.30million
34Upgrading Camden Medical
Restroom (Mock-Up)
Camden Medical CentreMay 2012 – Aug 2012$0.33million
33Refurbishment of Millenia
Tower Lift Lobby and Toilet
Millenia TowerFeb 2012 – Nov 2012$9.49million
32Renovation UnitTiong BahruFeb 2012 – Jun 2012$0.08million
31Lift Lobbies UpgradeCentennial TowerMay 2012 – Aug 2012$0.28million
30HDB Lift Upgrading (Brick
wall, Plastering & tiling)
BedokOct 2011 – Oct 2012$0.55million
29Restaurant RenovationPSA Building (Alexandra)Nov 2011 - Dec 2011$0.18million
28Interior Unit RenovationRegency ParkOct 2011 - Dec 2011$0.15million
27Restroom UpgradingMillenia Tower Level 39Nov 2011 – Dec 2011$0.18million
26Restroom UpgradingMillenia Tower Level 31Oct 2011 - Nov 2011$0.18million
25Restroom UpgradingMillenia Tower Level 8Sep 2011 - Oct 2011$0.18million
24A&A Works to Millenia Walk
Shopping Mall
Millenia WalkApr 2011–Aug 2011$3.48million
23Restroom Upgrading to Methodist
Bukit PanjangApr 2011 – Jun 2011$0.08million
22HDB Lift Upgrading (Brick wall,
Plastering & tiling)
Sime DriveOct 2009 - Sep 2011$0.75million
21HDB Lift Upgrading (Brick wall,
Plastering & tiling)
Bedok ReservioursOct 2010 - Sep 2011$0.13million
20Sady’s DinerTao Payoh CCDec 2010 - Jan 2011$0.03million
19Toilet RenovationCentral MallJun 2009 - Jul 2009$0.16million
18Upgrading ToiletCity HouseJul 2009 - Aug 2009$0.58milion
17Unit RenovationMarina SquareMay 2010 - Jun 2010$0.03million
16Unit RenovationAng Mo Kio HubJun 2010 - Jul 2010$0.04million
15Toilet UpgradingStandard Chartered Building @
Plaza by the Park
May 2009 - Jun 2009$0.6million
14Rang MahalSentosaDec 2009 - Feb2 010$0.8million
13New Erection BungalowHolland ParkJune 2008 - Dec 2009$2.8million
12A&A works to terrace houseLentor GreenAug 2010 - Feb 2011$0.80million
11Build Equipment Room &
Battery Deck
PSA Building (Alexanda)Sep 2009 - Nov 2009$0.05million
10HDB Lift Upgrading (Brick wall,
Plastering & tiling)
G1A Hougang,
Tampines, Serangoon
Apr 2009 - Aug 2010$0.65million
9New Erection Bungalow2 Chiltern DriveOct 2007 - Mar 2009$3.0million
8Renovation WorksYong Ann ParkMay 2010 - Jun 2010$0.12million
7Renovation WorksRegency ParkApr 2010 - Jun 2010$0.18million
6Renovation WorksMeyer RoadMar 2009 - May 2009$0.22million
5Renovation WorksOrange GrooveDec 2009 - Jan 2010$0.12million
4Renovation Whole UnitChurch@ Tagore LaneMar 2010 - Apr 2010$0.35million
3New Erection Semi-D19&19A Jalan KerbayaJan 2009 - Dec 2009$1.5million
2New Erection Bungalow15 & 15ADyson RoadMar 2008 - Mar 2009$1.6million
1Office Renovation WorksSingapore Management
Sep 2007 - Mar 2008$0.5million